Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunset towards Seacliff

As you can see, I was racing against time with this painting as the end of the day drew near, although I did get another three done before the curtains of night were drawn over the sea. This will be a familiar scene to those who frequent the sounhern metropolitan beaches. It looks toward Seacliff and was painted from the esplanade that stretches from Seacliff to Brighton. As chilly as it was, there are always those who walk their dogs or just walk themselves of course.
Sunset towards Seacliff - acrylic on linen panel - 15x20cm

Available for purchase now $150

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 - Free postage in Australia
Comes with a signed, handwritten artist's note about the painting - if you wish to give the painting as a gift I will address the note to the recipient to make the gift extra special.

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