Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slice of cockle beach 2

A while ago I had a studio clean-up that entailed throwing away what I considered despensible and slicing up some larger pieces which in themselves made better paintings than the original-sized ones.
This is slice is up for auction with a low start price. It was originally a very large piece that focused on the view toward Middleton from Goolwa. It was a grey misty day but was alive with cocklers with a focus on these two in particular.
It's a lovely moody piece that will frame up beautifully under glass and matting.
A Slice of cockle beach II - acrylic on canvas sheet - 28x35cm

Comes with a signed, handwritten artist's note about the painting - if you wish to give the painting as a gift I will address the note to the recipient to make the gift extra special.

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